Copper Masters were commissioned to overhaul the heating system on a 180 year old farm house that had no mains water. Water came into the property via an underground stream that feeds a tank buried in the grounds of the property.

The water was a dirty brown colour and was not fit for consumption or normal usage. Bath time was always an issue because the water was dirty before the customer even had a bath. In addition the heating system was very poor and not all radiators worked. The owner wanted clean water that was drinkable, and a reliable heating system.

Works were finished to the customers complete satisfaction.


Rural property Plumbing, Heating & Clean Water Solutions is a specialist area. Copper Masters have the experience and technology to produce high quality work in this area. We can advise and implement solutions to the problem of delivering clean water & reliable heating systems to rural areas. 

Project Details

Our Chief Engineer (Paul Banks) visited the

site to access what was required, to provide

a satisfactory solution to the problem for

the client.

The following information was contained

in the report:

  1. The existing boiler room was 2.2 meters long and 1 meter wide.

  2. The existing boiler was approx 25 years old and did not work properly.

  3. There was a cloakroom adjoining the boiler room. The cloak room housed the boiler, washing machine, coats, shoes and cupboards filled with unused items.

  4. The boiler room was damp and still had the old stone floor and stone walls that had never been plastered.

  5. The pipework that serviced the house was not adequate and contributed to the failure of the present heating system.

  6. The spring water was currently sucked into the property with a pump. This contributed to the poor quality of the water entering the property from underground.

We agreed to complete the following overhaul & upgrade to the heating system:

  1. Remove existing boiler & all existing copper pipework.

  2. Temporarily re-locate the existing water pump by moving it to the downstairs bathroom. This meant the owners still had use of hot & cold water while works were being completed.

  3. Knock down part of the wall joining the boiler room to the cloakroom. This would make a room large enough to create a Boiler Room that would house a new Boiler, Heating System and Water Filtration System. The wall was solid stone and approx. 20 inches wide.

  4. Install Structural Steel to Support the new opening to the wall. The cloakroom wall was the original main wall to the front of the house.

  5. Level the floors with concrete screed and prepare for tiling throughout.

  6. Install new Worcester Boiler.

  7. Install new copper piping throughout the property.

  8. Strip all walls and prepare them for plasterboard and re-plastering. This will create a purpose built Boiler Room.

  9. Plaster all walls and tile floors.

  10. Install new Springbore Water Filtration System

  11. Install new Hive System to manage new heating system and Rewire to current regulatory standards.


The client had leaks coming from his en-suite bathroom and shower cubicle. Copper Masters visited the property and identified the source of the leaks. The shower tray had loose fittings to the waste. This caused water to leak from under the shower tray onto the ceilings covering the whole of the ground floor rooms. The leak had been going on for a long period of time, but only became visible when it eventually got through to the plastered ceilings.

Project Details

The quality of the fittings provided by the Developer that built the houses was very poor. Copper Masters advised the customer that the en-suite bathroom and shower cubicle would have to be stripped out to completely eradicate the leaks. We stripped the shower cubicle and bathroom, and removed all the faulty materials in preparation for a complete new bathroom and shower cubicle.

The customer asked Copper Masters to complete the required works and to install a complete new en-suite bathroom and shower cubicle. Quality products were chosen by the customer, and we completed the job to our usual standards.


The customers were both doctors and worked long hours. They needed a trusted contractor that was prepared to be flexible and attend the property outside of normal working hours.





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